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'Sat' stands for "the truth, the ideal, the purest" and 'Sang' stands for "association". The truth is the same since the start of the universe and will remain the same till the end of this universe. It can be practiced either by remaining in the company of a truthful and pure being such as a Guru (a Teacher) or a Spiritual Master in the company of people who are devoted to the Almighty. By being in the presence of these enlightened individuals, one is able to absorb their wisdom and guidance, and gain a deeper understanding of the universal truths that govern our existence. This spiritual connection allows us to align our thoughts, actions, and intentions with the greater truth, leading to personal growth and enlightenment.

As said, "Bin Bhaagan Satsang Na Labbhe" means - only people with good fortune get Satsang in life. In today’s materialistic world, we are fortunate to have Guru and Satsang in life. Satsang is the ideal place for attaining concentration of mind and nurturing the soul with spirituality. Sant Baba Ji's Satsang provides answers to the questions running in the seeker’s mind and solutions to their troubles. With the guidance of a Guru and the supportive environment of Satsang, individuals can find the motivation and inspiration they need to overcome challenges and pursue their spiritual journey.

People participating in Satsang gain an opportunity to remain focused on their respective paths and engage in spiritually centered thoughts. Satsang can generate powerfully, cleansing, inspiring, and purifying thought vibrations which can uplift the people who participate and sanctify the place. The collective energy of like-minded individuals coming together in Satsang creates an atmosphere of support and positivity, where everyone can thrive and grow on their spiritual journey. In this sacred gathering, knowledge is shared, questions are answered, and profound insights are gained, leading to personal transformation and inner awakening.

Sant Baba Ji emphasizes the role of Satsang and spiritual master in one's life. Guru is so important not just because of the advice and guidance Guru gives, but because they can instill positive energy, giving a taste of enlightenment and speeding up one's spiritual development. Sant Baba Ji believes that through the practice of Satsang, individuals can connect with like-minded spiritual seekers and nourish their souls in a supportive and uplifting environment. Furthermore, a spiritual master can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation, guiding disciples on their spiritual journey and helping them overcome obstacles along the way.

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