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Where I Am
Where I Am

Where I am? In the realm of personal growth and self-discovery, it is often said that the place we call home extends beyond the mere physical address where we reside. Generally the concept of "where I am" transcends mere coordinates on a map. It encompasses the sense of belonging and purpose that we derive from our surroundings, whether it be the bustling city streets or the tranquil serenity of nature. Finding a sense of place is a fundamental aspect of human existence. It involves more than just the physical location where one resides; Our true “address” is not just a physical location, but rather a reflection of our spiritual being and the state of our inner world. It goes beyond the mere coordinates on a map and delves into the deeper realms of our sense of belonging and connection. This concept invites us to consider that our true address is not bound by the limits of space and time, but rather by the essence of who we are. It is a recognition that our sense of place extends beyond the tangible dimensions of our existence, encompassing the intangible aspects of our inner selves, the deeper essence of our existence and the alignment of our thoughts, emotions, and values and it extends to the world of spirituality. One needs to know spiritually where one is standing in order to navigate the challenges and uncertainties of life. Understanding our spiritual position gives us a sense of purpose and direction, providing a solid foundation on which to make important decisions. It allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and intuition, guiding us towards what truly aligns with our values and beliefs. Without this spiritual self-awareness, we may find ourselves adrift, easily swayed by external influences and unsure of how to navigate the complexities of our existence.




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