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Meditation has been a practice since ancient times, designed to aid in the comprehension of life's sacred and mystical powers. Nowadays, emphasis is placed on relaxation and reducing stress. However, true meditation is the process of living in the present moment. Its fundamental purpose is to develop one's consciousness and gain a more positive understanding of one's inherent qualities. Although meditation does not stop one’s thoughts or feelings, it provides a method to observe oneself objectively.


One should learn the alphabets before learning to read words. Sant Baba Ji uses a simple example of a child's first day of school. The child would cry, and the teacher's primary objective is to provide candies and toys to make the child feel comfortable and get accustomed to the new environment. Only when the child learns to sit peacefully, formal teaching begins. Similarly, meditation has a positive effect only when one learns to sit peacefully for a few minutes. Today, many people have forgotten how to sit peacefully. Sant Baba Ji inspires seekers to evolve spiritually and focus internally while chanting the mantra given by the Guru. Baba Ji enlightens seekers to understand their purpose in life, guides them to see beyond this illusionary world, and focuses on their inner selves, through simple breathing techniques.